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June 11, 2013


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Both of which our dear bride,
Mr Abdullah Faqih Sohibul intent that we respect,
Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
First of all let us genuinely together bersuyukur to Allah SWT, for grace, Taufiq, and His guidance, for rizki and His gift to us all, so that in the happy night full of blessing we can all gather together same gratitude as well as watching the wedding night the bride alone, ananda Supreme Wiranata and Siti Zulaika.
Ladies and happy, on this happy night also, had our wedding reception this apartment as follows:
1. The opening, which also have us bring
2. Kalam Divine Readings followed by recitations sari
3. Message from the bride Man
4. Message from the bride Women
5. Spiritual nourishment
6. Readings prayer
7. Convivial evening
8. Dinner together, and
9. Cover
To take advantage of the time, let’s start the show kia further, that the reading of the Divine Word and recitations juice, which soon will be hosted by our sister both Nanda Dewi Lestari with Ricky Prasad. For that soon we invite two of Nanda, the younger brother Ricky Prasad Dewi Lestari and we invite.
***** READING AND SARI recitations KALAM Divine *****
Our Ladies and Gentlemen, as is our custom in the name of the bride’s family provides the opportunity for the groom’s party to give sekapu betel, as mandated by the family to the groom handed the bride’s family. For that soon we give to the representative. Dear representatives we invite the groom’s family!
***** ***** MESSAGE FROM THE VICE Groom
Thank you Drs. Widodo who has been with earnest sincerity has conveyed the message of the groom’s family to Mr Mohammada Amin as parents of the bride.
Furthermore, it is probably very accurate if the right opportunity kamiserahkan next to the bride’s family, which in this case would be represented by Mr. Mohammad Amin. to it that our esteemed Mr. Mohammad Amin invite!
MESSAGE FROM THE VICE bride ***** *****
Ladies and Gentlemen we yana presence. While both bride bride biting caresses you like a king enjoying a day on the throne, we invite the audience to enjoy the dishes that have been presented.
Next in line are both happy bride prayed with the family forever over now accepteth thy Lord God Almighty, let us briefly ahead of the next event, namely lectures religious, spiritual nourishment Foreword about the joys and sorrows together form the palace like an ark that is not always quiet hit and buffeted by the waves to get to the beach of dreams. To that end we invite the audience observe and appreciate the religious lectures which will
immediately delivered by Mr Kiai H. Ali Imron. Congratulations to follow religious lectures, and Mr Kiai H. Ali Imron and Gentlemen we invite!
Thank you Mr Kiai H. Ali Imron, good advice, advice and Mr earlier studies to be enjoyed, lived, and diamalkan not only by the bride alone, but also hopefully to diamalkan by the audience and presence. Amen!
Our Ladies and Gentlemen, to obtain the intercession and blessing of God Almighty, then let us pray together at the same time pray for both bride and groom may truly live forever physical and spiritual prosperity in the world to the afterlife, along with colleagues, family, and the two men old respectively. For that we invite Mr Kiai H. Ali Imron, presumably pleased to lead the prayer. Mr Kiai H. Ali Imron our invite!
Thank you Mr Kiai H. Ali Imron. Ladies and happy, it seems both bride bride will soon introduce yourself to the audience. While enjoying a meal let alone ahead of the evening this suave by congratulating the bride and groom are then followed by dinner time.
For all that then soon we cordially invite the audience alternately congratulating the bride and groom, we invite.
While menungg completion of the event giving congratulations, then we invite the audience who have completed toward the place of our dishes are already prepared. Then we invite the audience to enjoy these dishes.
Good-night dining.
***** EVENTS ***** dinner
Ladies and Gentlemen our presence, with the completion of the entire event for the event Nanda bride wedding night together, Siti Zulaika and Supreme Wiranata then ends the reception tonight. With respect, we on behalf of the family present many-many thanks, we invite the audience to enjoy the dish to finish.
On behalf of the family of the bride alone, again we say thank you, apologize profusely if there is something in this reception with less or no pleasure in the hearts of audience and presence.
Assalamu wr.wb

The honorable principle of the Islamic State Collage
The honorable the speaker of this agenda
The honorable the chief of the LDK Al Islah
My beloved brothers and sisters who are happy

Firstly, let's say thanks to Reviews our god Allah SWT, Reviews the lord of the word, Reviews the lord of the universe who has been giving us his blessing and marcy so that we can gather in this place Rooms More something wrong happen. Amen. . .
Secondly, solawat and greetings to our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW, the lord of moslem in the word who has brought us from the darkness to the lightness period.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Here I'm JIMMY ROMARTEN and my beloved partner UUN TRI WAHYUDI, we as the master of ceremonies in this opening ceremony will guide this opening ceremony. But before going to start let me explain our agenda the agenda schadule of this opening ceremony.
1. The first agenda is opening (let's open this program by saying Basmalah together)
2. The second agenda is reading the holly Quran that will be read by CHESS
3. The third agenda is speeches:
• The first speech will be dilivered by chief of commite. For brother HABIB the floor is yours
• The second speech will be dilivered by chief of LDK Al Islah. For Rush's brother Habib. The floor is yours
• The last speech will be dilivered by the (vice) / principle of Islamic State Collage. For Mr. Syaripudin the floor is yours
4. The fourth agenda is praying that will be lead by brother DWI SANTOSO. For DWI SANTOSO brother, the floor is yours
5. The last agenda is closing, let's close this program by saying hamdalah

Well ladies and gentlemen,
That's all our programs in this opening ceremony. For the next, please forgive us if there is any mistakes, thanks for the attention and Wassalamu'alaikum wr.wb

Al-Mukarrom the ulama '
Mr. KH-specific wabil. IBNU Amiruddin
-Dear Drs. H. Taufiqurrohman, M.Ag as Kasi Mapenda Jombang
-The Honorable Mr. H. MOHD. SAID Zamachsyari as Principals Tsanawiya
  Al -   Lessons Pucangsimo
Mr. Mother Board-teacher we always respect and obey
-All the invited guests, and friends of the family beloved MTs. Al-Himah Pucangsimo happy.

Infinite gratitude, let us always haturkan Allah SWT, because we are all still given a chance to live on this earth to enjoy all the facilities that have been provided on it, so that with age we can gather in   order Muwadda'ah students / class IX student Mts. Al-Hikmah Pucangsimo the period 2010/2011 without a hitch whatsoever.

And my audience is happy
Just go through the end of exams, I hope all of our friends passed without anyone behind. This is a blessing from Allah SWT and Innayah that is given to us all, therefore let us give thanks to Allah SWT with the study even harder and organize themselves in this life, not to violate the rules of this beloved country Indonesia .

My Temam all that we hold dear always
Without the time has changed the day goes by so precisely, bulanpun dawning, and years went by so fast. Three years already without us feel it to school. Ups and downs of sweet and bitter friends we have traveled together, hopefully make the experience and lesson for us all. Wipe up any mistakes in the door of forgiveness and pray for one another. We are not separated for divorce disarray but this separation will pave the way for us to success.

Father's mother Council teacher who we respect so patient and ikhlasnya Ladies science teacher in giving us, but we were not able to reply to Mr Ibu teachers toil. Only our prayers accompany strands may Allah SWT reward each teacher with charity Ladies doubled so that a perpetual charity. Amen YES Robbal Alamin.
Ladies Teachers Council, on behalf of the representative of the class IX, beg with seikhlas-ikhlasnya. Sorry Mr. Mrs. gruru   for us all. Without forgiveness and blessing of Mr. Mom teacher will burden every step our foot to reach all the ideals we uphold the values ​​of religion and the state with the bless of Allah SWT.
Our hope with this farewell in the evening, let us open the door wide open our hearts to forgive salaing.
Finally, No precepts that we can not tell unless ................

و باالله التو فق والهدا يه, والر ضىو العناية

AKHIRUSSANAH RA-MI Islamiyah DADIREJO tapel 2011/2012

Students Banjari appearance MI Al-Islamiyah For Opener Event

Graduates / nun enters the ceremony site

Graduates / wati RA-MI Islamiyah Dadirejo


Scripture readings of the Qur'an By Ananda class V

Message from the Head of MI 2011/2012

Readings SK Graduation

Graduation Procession

Pereingkat I, II, and III Top UN

Motion and song girls Class III

MC By Muasshomah, S.Pd.I and Nur Azizah, S.Hum.

English Speech

Schoolgirl track motion and Class II

Poetry readings RA By Students

Speech Language Java

Dance performances Class III

Rote Asma'ul Husna By Class IV

Staging Drama By Class V

Although the graduation procession and performing arts are presented with a simple, yet enthusiastic students and parents very well that the show Akhirussanah RA-MI Islamiyah Dadirejo Ngrimbi Together Jombang be a very festive occasion.

The appearance of Al-Islamiyah MI Banjari By Students

Discipline of time
Assalamualaikum wr wb.
With all due respect to the honorable judges representing, to all of the teachers here attending, and to all of the audiences, ladies and gentlemen, good morning everyone!
Allow me to introduce my self to you all, My name is Ainil Mustaghfiroh, I am in the fifth class in Miftahul Sukosono Ulum Islamic Elementary School.
First of all, let's thank and pray unto our god who has been giving us some blessings and mercies so we all can gather here on this event.
The second May Sholawat and Salam be with our prophet Muhammad, his family, his friends, and all of his followers. Amen
·          In this chance I would like to tell you my speech about the Discipline time.
·          Honorable, all of the juries, the teachers and the audiences

All the activities we do every day that there must be time, there is a pre-planned and happens Suddenly. If we plan activities that occur at the time was called on time, if the time has come and the activities of these activities has not happened that his name not on time, and usually on time with all the activities that we do produce maximum results or satisfactory.
Actually, I have many questions in my mind to all the student,? do you usually study at home? what time do you usually sleep at home? what time do you usually get up in the morning? what time do you usually do home work at home? do you always pray on time everyday?
As a student we have to really pay attention to this, the discipline of time, we can start from the time when we go to school, so we are never late, time to do homework, work on school assignments. Particular discipline of learning time, this will help us quickly intervening and Easily to understand the lessons in school. Thus without us knowing we have been taking part in helping to promote national development in our beloved country.
Dear Brother and Sister
A State if it is not accompanied with discipline in all aspects of time, then the State would be impossible to get a head.
So, It is the right time for us to rekindle the spirit of learning, time to prepare the future of our education, it's time we looked at or meet this world with all the abilities we have, it's time we PROVE that we can do something for our country especially in terms of educational development in our country.  
Dear Brother and Sister
That's all my speech, I apologize if any mistakes, thank you very much for your attention and the last I say
Wassalamu'alaikum wr, wb.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
Good day to all.

Principal Mr. I respect, Mr. and Mrs. I respect Teachers, Parents Class ... roomates I respect, my friends that I love.

First of all, let us praise and gratitude prayed to God's presence. Because of the grace and guidance we are given his health to come together on this day. Today, we gather today in the context of separation once graduation day celebration Class ... students.

Teachers-Teachers and Friends, I really do not feel time pass so quickly intervening. We have six years of learning and studying at this school. So many lessons and knowledge that we got. All this is very useful for us.

Now, graduation day finally arrived. After six years we have learned much from Mr. and Mrs. Teacher, I'm as representative of my friends Class ... to thank our dear teachers. All the lessons and advice that we get we will always remember.

We also Convey an apology for all the mistakes and the mischief we have ever done for us went to school here. We recall all the students who had Dad and Mom taught.

Do not forget our gratitude also goes to our beloved parents who were present on this occasion. Parents who are always giving love and encouragement to us until we are Able to graduate and celebrate on this day.

To my friends, all the events we experience in this school, happy, sad, glad and will always remind us of this beloved school. After graduation, we should always be encouraged to Remain diligent in learning to Achieve your goals.

Finally, I as a representative of my friends Class ... wanted to say goodbye to our beloved school. We will always remember this school. Many of us Thank you.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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